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  • Freedom International Group is the international investment managing company with assets worth more $2.5 billion. At the moment, our business is represented in 17 countries.

    We create or find innovative start-ups, invest in their technological modernization, implementation and setup of the cutting-edge systems of management, logistics, IT, and other business processes. Our goal is to increase their capitalization, secure a market share, and make them leaders in their respective segments.

    There currently are 48 projects and businesses under the management of the Freedom Group, including mobile platform Sessia, dietary supplements and cosmetics production, healthy coffee, online university, cyber sports tournament organization, streetwear fashion brand, media production for online broadcasts, and others.

    Thanks to our resources and expertise, we can find ambitious projects and business ideas at the initial stage, and take them to the new level, using the three key principles of our investment policy:

    1. Business scaling, active promotion all over the world.
    2. Technology and innovations in our projects.
    3. Social importance of all brands and companies managed by the Freedom Group. This means that we work to bring benefits to people's lives.
    Implemented projects