31. August 2020

Sessia's Kicksback service has grown by another 500 stores, including the favorites of Russian consumers: AliExpress, Nikon, Adidas and many others.

In August 2020, the number of stores with the help of which you can earn money increased in the Sessia Kicksback App. Also, customer acquisition costs for stores are low, and customer retention costs - almost none.

Now, by visiting Sessia, you can find new stores in the list or search: Adidas, AliExpress, Armani, Azimut (hotel chain), Braun, DC Shoes, Dominos, Ecco, Electrolux, Etam, Face, Finn Flare, HighScreen, Hoff, holodilnik.ru INCANTO, ivi, Kanzler, KupiBilet.ru, Nike, Nikon, OLDI, Parter.ru, Philips, Polaris, QuikSilver, re: Store, RedFox, Redmond, Reg.ru, Respect, Rieker, SEIKO, Skillbox, Stradivarius , TEZ Tour, Vans, Vassa & Co, Vichy, Vivo, Weissgauff, Zippo, Aquaphor, Alenka, Altyn, Alfa Insurance, Zdravcity Pharmacy, Beethoven, Bukvoed, "BCK" Insurance, Gemotest, Hotel Korston, "Krasnyi Karandash", Litres, Megafon, Renaissance Insurance, Rusklimat, Svyaznoy, Sportmaster, "Tvoi Dom", "Tsvet Divanov", "Yakutsk diamonds".

Sessia's Kicksback Application is an innovative Russian development that has no analogue in the world. The kicksback mechanism works as follows: as soon as the store approves the purchase, a post about the purchase and the purchase itself (with pictures and price) automatically appear in the Sessia user's feed. This post is seen by all your friends and subscribers. And the system records through the blockchain who exactly read about this particular purchase. And in the future - in a week, a year, 10 years - if one of the subscribers and friends who saw this post comes to this store and makes a purchase, he or she will receive a cashback, and the first user will receive a kicksback, that is, a percentage from the check of a subscriber or friend. And the store pays kicksback for the advertising he or she made.

Shop smartly!

About Sessia:

Sessia is a kicksback service platform that rewards users for recommending stores, restaurants, and other partners that generated sales. Bonuses are accrued not once, but every time the customers they bring make purchases and receive cashback. Earned bonuses can be immediately withdrawn to a bank card or spent at partners shops or venues.

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