16. Februar 2021

New Project V and COFFEECELL office opened in St. Petersburg

Last Sunday, February 14, a new office store of the Project V and COFFEECELL brands was opened in the "Moskva" shopping mall, located in one of the most prestigious shopping and business districts of St. Petersburg.

Talented designer Inga Rogachenko worked on the interior of the premises. Austerity and elegance, simplicity and clarity, coziness and comfort - everything is designed in the same corporate style of "Freedom Group", which runs both brands.

Convenient location, excellent transport accessibility and stylish modern design made the new office accessible for both partners of the company and its customers. Here you can quickly and easily purchase any product from COFFEECELL and Project V lines of products. And Freedom Group partners can hold business meetings and events here. The opening date was not determined by chance: the Company's management wanted to give a sense of celebration to all visitors of the shopping center. And newlyweds and couples who got married on February 14 received gifts and big discounts on novelties from the newest Project V line, which had their first live presentations on the same day.

The new antiage cosmetics are based on extracts of bakuchiol, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, figs and other natural active ingredients. Thanks to them, Project V cosmetic products provide complex nutrition and hydration to the skin, create a lifting effect, promote cell regeneration down to the deep layers of the epidermis and are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

The new line includes five products that complement and reinforce each other's action:

  • MY (eye cream);
  • MH (hand cream);
  • MD (day cream);
  • MN (night cream);
  • MS (serum).

At the presentations that day, each guest could learn all the details about new products, purchase them at special holiday prices, get a free consultation from a cosmetologist and have a free skin diagnostics.

And also - try their luck in the prize draws, which were held throughout the day.
The festive mood was fostered by animators in bright costumes and guests who complemented their elegant outfits with purple jewelry - in the color of the new cosmetic line.

Sincere laughter and hilarious jokes were heard within the walls of the "Moskva" shopping mall until the very evening. And the next morning, the new office opened its doors again and got down to work - now on its usual schedule.

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