Mission and Goals
We work to expedite a better tomorrow by investing in innovative, scalable and beneficial projects that help people realize their potential and improve our quality of life.
Aiming to invest responsibly, we develop our projects in accordance with ESG principles and contribute to sustainable development in Russia and around the world.
Our strategic goals include conducting an IPO by 2025 and developing five unicorn companies by 2030.
We constantly look for business ideas with dynamic growth potential and ensure top levels of growth for our businesses in the countries of our ecosystem.
When selecting projects for the Freedom Group ecosystem, we are guided by three key tenets: innovation, scalability and social impact. Only business ideas that have met these criteria are implemented, launched, supported and continuously developed.
Value of projects
Business Project Management Strategy

The full life cycle business project management strategy within the Freedom Group ecosystem has been polished and perfected over the years. Today, it is carried out according to our own unique model, which focuses on intensive asset growth. The advantages of this approach are:

  • a focus on innovative solutions;
  • expert in-house project support, including financing, legal and accounting support, comprehensive technological and marketing modernization, and image promotion;
  • agile-based business processes;
  • capacity to scale up quickly in the countries where we have a business presence;
  • a cumulative effect is achieved thanks to our implementation of a distributed management system, which involves conducting operations via three key management teams.


Freedom Managers
Generate main concepts, set centralized vectors and control the key processes
Narek Sirakanyan
President of Freedom Group
Liya Kosse
Anna Sarukhanyan
President's Chief Advisor
Maria Mulyar
Mikhail Danilin
Financial Director
Ekaterina Kavunova
Chief Legal Officer
Denis Kapralov
Executive Director Kicksback by Sessia
Elena Serezhkina
Director of International Logistics
Yulia Korotkova
Director of Client Support
Project Managers
Stimulate the growth of their assigned brands, intensively develop their lines of business and constantly optimize business processes
Vladislav Serdyuk
Sessia Project Manager
Natalia Raspopova
Project V Project Manager
Nonna Kovalevskaya
COFFEECELL Project Manager
Diana Zlobina
Kicksback by Sessia Project Manager
Vladislav Grechkin
Cyber Legacy Project Manager
Natalia Bulgina
Kickvard University Training Officer
Dmitriy Nazarenko
Content Producer
Nika Grigorova
NRK87. Project Manager
Freedom Teams
Сoordinate the work of departments, overseeing matters relating to the development of the company and its projects
Erik Ambar
NRK87. Art Director
Anastasiya Ivko
Head of Event Management Team
Nikolai Shugailov
Creative Director
Ilia Baranov
Art Director
Andrey Eliseev
Head of Content Department
Inna Rogachenko
Interior Designer
Alexander Nuvaryev
Charity fund "Grow up together" Art Director
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