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is an investment company with 2.5 billion dollars of assets under management. Our business ecosystem is developing in 17 countries, including Austria, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and other countries with plans to enter the U.S. market in 2023. Our investment portfolio includes 49 projects. 9 businesses under our direct management and 100% ownership have been brought onto the market.
Mission and Goals
We work to expedite a better tomorrow by investing in innovative, scalable and beneficial projects that help people realize their potential and improve our quality of life.
Aiming to invest responsibly, we develop our projects in accordance with ESG principles and contribute to sustainable development in Russia and around the world.
Our strategic goals include conducting an IPO by 2025 and developing five unicorn companies by 2030.
We constantly look for business ideas with dynamic growth potential and ensure top levels of growth for our businesses in the countries of our ecosystem.
When selecting projects for the Freedom Group ecosystem, we are guided by three key tenets: innovation, scalability and social impact. Only business ideas that have met these criteria are implemented, launched, supported and continuously developed.
Value of projects

Management strategy

Financial, legal and accounting support, technological and marketing update, brand image promotion
Agile-based business processes
Scalability prospects in countries of our business presence
Cumulative effect is achieved by distributed project management via three major teams of managers


Narek Sirakanyan
President of Freedom International Group, an experienced leader and practitioner in the areas of banking and investment. Started his career at one of the world's largest investment banks, has extensive experience working at a government corporation. He created a successful international business from scratch which is showing great dynamics of scaling year after year.
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