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  • FREEDOM INTERNATIONAL GROUP chooses the best international brands and, to build those companies' market strength, invests in their technological modernization through the implementation of the most up-to-date IT solutions. The companies we manage are worth more than $2.5 billion.

    For more than 20 years, Vision has united people of different interests around a central idea — the idea of a healthy world and a high level of prosperity.
    Lovers of COFFEECELL products start their day with the following slogan: DESIGNED FOR HEALTH. LOVED FOR TASTE. Our goal is to deliver very tasty coffee products for your home, which are healthy at the same time.
    Bing Han products connect people who are dedicated to their own health with the solutions they need to fuel their excellence—naturally.

    Inspired by 3,000 years of traditional medicine, Bing Han farms and processes 6 year­old premium Panax ginseng. It shares this healing and nourishing botanical with people all over the world, empowering them to live with more energy, reduced stress, and stronger immunity. Bing Han is one of the most specialized and integrated ginseng distribution companies in the world, leaders in the health and wellness industry.

    Bing Han controls each step of the process of creating superior ginseng products. From cultivation to processing, they ensure the optimal quality and efficacy of its ginseng. Its vertical integration also allows it to offer our customers the lowest possible price.
    Kickvard is the online university that focuses on blockchain technologies. Leading experts in the field of smart-contracts, decentralized economy, marketing and legal studies take part in this educational project.

    The course gives insight into this economic sector, the reasons for emergence of the “new type of money”, and also helps to understand and follow the trends. Extensive experience of experts and teachers and one on-site exam guarantee the high standard of education. All students who pass the exam successfully are provided with employment.
    • Narek Sirakanyan
      The SESSIA President
    • Oleg Abelev
      The Russian Academy for Foreign Trade
    • Charles Cai
      University of California Riverside
    • Nguen Tien Min
      Vietnam National University
    • Yaroslav Kabakov
      Deputy CEO of the “FINAM” company
    Sessia is a team of strategists, architects, designers and developers. Using our know knowledge and experience, we have created the innovative solution, which is convenient for both businesses and users: business can save money on attracting new clients, customers can save on daily purchases.

    Expenses on marketing and advertising increase the final price of a product, sometimes several times. This is why, we have started to develop our app and representatives of major international companies have become the first users.
    We have combined all advantages of secure business –space with social networks:

    With free mobile platform Sessia, business can solve the problems of attracting new customers and promoting their loyalty: