February 17, 2020

Smart Fashion on Nikolskaya, 10

NRK87. showroom has opened in the very heart of Moscow - in the Nikolskaya Plaza shopping and office center, where Freedom Group head office is located.

Smart Fashion on Nikolskaya, 10

The mastermind and active participant in the development of the entire line of the streetwear brand NRK87. himself was President of the Company Narek Sirakanyan. The premiere show of the collection took place on October 19, 2019 at the RUNWAY-2019 event. More than 500 people attended the colorful and bright fashion-show. Some of the guests ordered the models of their liking right during the event.

And now all of you have the opportunity not only to place an order, but also to see these items in stock, choose your size and try them on before purchasing.

Street style is one of the most dynamically developing trends in world of fashion today. Famous fashion houses release entire streetstyle lines, and their main designers present new provocative collections under their own brands. All NRK8.7 models are distinguished by their excellent quality of materials and fasteners. They are made in Russian Federation, in Moscow, at a unique factory where products are sewn according to the highest world standards. NFC tags are built into all the items of the collection: with their help, you can instantly get to the brand's website, find out about new arrivals, promotions and giveaways.

“NRK87. style is a vibrant modern embodiment of conscious fashion. Original design solutions, designer prints convey ideas of respect for the world around us and for each other, attracting people who seek to emphasize their individuality and independence in our ranks”, - one of its founders Narek Sirakanyan says about the concept of the brand.

NRK87. showroom is located at: Moscow, Nikolskaya, 10. Open daily from 10.00 to 22.00.

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