September 15, 2020

The Cyber Legacy team took part in the Russian Creative Week. The Marketing Director took the floor at the "Game Development" lecture course

From 11 to 13 September 2020, Russian Creative Week took place in Gorky Park - a single entry point for industries united by the idea of all-around development in the creative sector. Among them are gaming industry and its leaders - Cyber Legacy team.

The Roscongress Foundation and Business Priority organized a business session titled "Cybersport - a super trend in the corporate culture" as part of the "Game Development" lecture course. The discussion was attended by representatives of various areas of eSports: Vladimir Dolzhenko, Marketing Director of Cyber Legacy, Evgeny Kuznetsov, General Director of Orbita Capital Partners LLC, Marianna Skragan, Director of Business Priority and Anton Sazhin, leader of the adaptive microlearning project called "Designer of educational resources CORE", ASI.

The participants of the discussion came to the conclusion that the audience of cyber games has long gone beyond the school age and can be safely described as a universal audience from 10 to 45 years old. Russia loses to other countries by lack of educational disciplines in eSports - and the sooner public officials pay attention to this industry, the more competitive and in demand Russian specialists will become. eSports is one of the most knowledge-intensive emerging industries, in particular, using neuromarketing in game development. Visitors of the Game Development lecture course learned this and much more.

“I played a lot as a child, I remember how games developed, how the graphics changed, and I know for sure that the audience needs emotion and involvement”, - comments Vladimir Dolzhenko, Marketing Director of Cyber Legacy. - "The fan movement built this industry. eSports is a very accessible sport - you can replicate the combination of a pro team they came up with, hone that skill and get stronger as you improve your game and watch pro matches. Unlike football, where you can hardly repeat Messi's brilliant technique, his feints and interaction with the team so quickly - in any case, it will take years of training".

“I have never played games, but now I am deeply involved in the cybergaming industry and computer sports - this is an innovative segment and the target audience here is the fastest to consume innovation. In terms of advertising, involving sponsors in this market, there is still relatively small turnover around the world. The reason is simple - large companies do not yet know how to convey information through this unusual marketing tool", - comments Marianna Skragan, Director of Business Priority. - "The fact that the target audience of cyber games is only teenagers is nothing more than a stereotype. It seems to us that only children are sitting at computers, but in fact, children grow up and continue sitting at computers at work and upon returning home. The engagement is maximal here, so the brands that will integrate into eSports the fastest will grow a new audience the fastest”.

“Cyber Legacy holding company will promote eSports as a tool for the formation of the younger generation by using all available methods. Be it an educational format in educational institutions or a way of spending people's leisure time”, - said Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy.

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