June 17, 2021

Russia rose to 67th place in the world charity ranking

On June 16, a new study was published by CAF, Charity Aid Foundation, defining World Giving Index. In the world charity ranking, Russia currently ranks 67th. In five years, our country rose from 124th to 67th place. The study takes into account three indicators - monetary donations from citizens, willingness to help strangers and volunteering. According to CAF, all three indicators have showed positive dynamics.

World Giving Index is a global survey of the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) and the Gallup's World View World Poll, which has attracted 1.6 million people since 2009. This year, the study was conducted in 114 countries (about 90% of the adult population of the planet). The ranking is produced according to a survey of the Gallup company, the behavior of people for the last month is analyzed. A country's place in the ranking depends on the average value of three indicators: monetary donations to charity organizations; volunteering; helping a stranger in need.

The first place - Indonesia with an index of 69%, the second - Kenya, 58%. Russian index is 33%. To compare: in 2019 it was 26%.

Narek Sirakanyan, President of the "Growing Up Together" Charity Foundation: “This positive shift is encouraging. But there is also room for growth. 67th place is in the middle of the road. In the work of the “Growing up Together” Foundation (@fond_vzrosleemvmeste), we are guided by the road map where Russia is in top positions of the world ranking. I congratulate our colleagues in the charity sphere on the achieved result. Thanks to you, children with special needs, including Anya Kondarantseva (pictured), feel more secure and comfortable every day. I believe that in a few years we shall see Russia among the world leaders in the progress of charity sector”, - he commented on the event.

Narek Sirakanyan's “Growing Up Together” Charity Aid Foundation was established in November 2020 in Freedom International Group ecosystem to provide free support to non-profit organizations specializing in helping children with disabilities. It helps charity NGOs to build effective public relations with the public offline and online. Official website is https://fondvv.ru.

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