July 15, 2021

Winners of the “Leaders of Russia. Politics" contest took a special training course

On July 7, the diploma ceremony for “Leaders of Russia. Politics" training course took place in Kremlin. The semi-annual program was carried out by the RANEPA and "Senezh" management workshop.

- It became a crucial stage in my life, incredibly enriching and helpful. The competition and the training course served as a powerful incentive for me to further develop, - noted, commenting on the event, the winner of the competition, President of Freedom International Group Narek Sirakanyan.

- First of all, it was a reason to get out of the comfort zone - and this always pushes to make a transition to the next level. Second, I began to develop in a direction not related to my main activity. Third, I made friends, with their support my life and my projects will be filled with new ideas, ”he said.

Narek Sirakanyan noted that the holistic understanding of how the state functions, including at the level of the "Social elevator", is critical for him. This makes it possible to properly interact with government institutions and plan your own long-term activities, the entrepreneur noted.

“Leaders of Russia. Politics” contest was held in 2020 within the framework of the “Russia - the country of opportunities” presidential platform project. 34 000 people took part in it, 49 reached the finals.

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