September 16, 2019

Two days in Moscow

RUNWAY-2019 is going to be the brightest event of this Fall. We have already introduced the program of the first day, let us tell you about the second - Sunday, 20th October.

Freedom Group can celebrate big, but also in a productive and beneficial way. In the program you will find the speeches by the top leaders of the project, unique and confidential information.

So, Sunday, October, 20th.

10:00 -13:00 The Leadership University. At least 100 people are going to participate.

This is going to be the last, 3d round of the annual training during which the most successful top-leaders of the company along with the new stars will share professional secrets and practices that help them to take the first places in our ratings and VIP seats during the RUNWAY ceremony.

To participate in the training you need to be a partner in the Pearl or higher status in August or September (COFFEECELL project), or a partner with personal purchase of 5 or more if you have a new Bronze partner in the first line (BING HAN project).

The of the highlights of this stage - confidential information from the Executive director of the Freedom Group - Stanislav Odintsov, along with awarding certificates signed by our President Narek Sirakanyan, acknowledging everyone who participated in all three stages of the Leadership University training of 2019.

13:00 -14:00 Break

Then the most looked forward to unique training “SuperBullets from Narek”. The President of the Freedom Group will give it in the offline format between 2 pm and 6 pm.

However, this time there is not going to be an online webinar. The training will take place only on -site, and will be available only to those who met the qualifications and proved that they deserve to be in our business and have serious intentions to build their own coffee start up with COFFEECELL.

You can participate in “SuperBullets..” free of charge if you buy the KICK PACK set. This purchase will also give you a chance to buy 2 tickets and become a guest of the closed luxury party “1000 and 1 nights”. It will be done in the style in the Arabian Nights, so it is going to be Orienatal, mystic, luxurious and breath-taking. All Freedom Group parties are amazing with gorgeous surprises and unforgettable memories.

We advise to think your party costumes and accessories through. These will be not only something to brighten the atmosphere of the evening, but they will also attract the attention of potential partners, friends, colleagues to your social networks, where you will post your photos and get a lot of likes and comments. That’s the way the Freedom Way image is formed.

20:00 - 00:00 Party in the style of Arabian Nights “1000 and 1 nights”.

Two days in Moscow

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