A charity aid foundation established by Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group and one of the winners of the Leaders of Russia/Politics contest in 2020.
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The Grow Up Together Foundation provides marketing and media support to charity organizations and projects working with children and adults with disabilities and the elderly.
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The mission of the Grow Up Together team is to cover 800 Russian charity organizations working with our media marketing support programs.

The foundation also strives to ensure that by 2030, at least one out of four Russians follows the work of at least one charity organization.
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with all Russian charity funds.
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of the population in charity activities
"Grow Up Together" has already launched:
Special project
"The Good Deeds Industry"
We have gathered unique statistics that help to gain insights into the problems faced by children with disabilities in Russia and — most importantly — to find ways to resolve the current situation.
Children like
A joint project with Theremenvox studio in which the hosts debunk myths and prejudices about children who are often called "different." They receive help from various charity foundations experts, who say that everyone has their own character, dreams, favorite toys and also developmental challenges. These children can teach people a lot.
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