An innovative startup that helps small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, recover faster from the pandemic and increase their sales. Working with Kicksback, companies can attract customers directly, stimulate activity and increase their loyal customer base. Total investment in the project has already exceeded $5 million.
Project manager
Gabriel Benel
Founded in

About us

Today, Kicksback operates in three countries: Russia, Vietnam and the USA. However, following the scaling policy adopted by Freedom Group, in two years, it should enter the markets of all 17 countries where the holding company is present.

In the first two weeks after its launch, Kicksback was installed by more than 5.000 users.

Now, the application has begun expanding into Russian regions and will enter the USA in the fall of 2021.
IPO as part of Freedom Group
17 countries
Scaling up the project and entering the markets of 17 countries
More than 500.000 users
And more than 5.000 businesses registered in Kicksback
$70 million
Annual turnover of Kicksback app
45 countries
Where we will be
$200 million
Annual turnover
Neural personalization of content
For each user

right now

Download Kicksback and start receiving gifts from the best stores and venues in your city
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