Is every business capable of earning on the receipts of its clients?

Kicksback is a revolutionary IT product for small and medium-sized businesses, a real breakthrough in the area of adtech. Having created a unique recommendation platform, Kicksback provided an opportunity for any business to use receipts and its clients to raise audience loyalty and to increase sales.

For users, Kicksback is a mobile app which makes it convenient to truly find the best spots in their town, to purchase at great prices and to earn extra revenue including on the purchases of their friends.
Project manager
Gabriel Benel
Founded in

How it works

The automatic integration of a business's cash receipts and clients takes place in Kicksback. This results in the effective promotion of products and brands in the special "Firstline" recommendation feed. AI creates this feed based on the activities, interests, geolocation and purchase history of a user.

Firstline is a digital space where each business competes for existing and potential clients. Client receipts, paired with quality photos or video of the products or services which they've tried, are instantly posted on the Firstline. Client receipts are delivered to the app's most relevant target audience at the best time and the most appropriate context.

Thanks to Kicksback, a business does not pay upfront to marketing agencies and other intermediaries; instead, it directly attracts its clients, returning money to them for the purchases they've made and their recommendations to friends. This earning strategy allows both the business and its clients to benefit.

The motivation of a business is to make it onto the Firstline recommendation feed as often as possible by improving the content of its products and services and attracting users with great deals. Gourmet dishes and expert services from the country's businesses will be seen by all Kicksback users.


Предварительное тестирование проводилось с мая по август 2022 года в Хошимине, в Нью Йорке и в Москве. В среднем одно заведение за месяц получило 780 новых клиентов, а дополнительный доход от использования Kicksback составил 330.000.000 вьетнамских донгов или $14.316.

Официальный запуск сервиса планируется в Москве в 2023 году.

Совокупные инвестиции в проект уже превысили $7 млн. В планах — в течении ближайших 5 лет масштабирование проекта во всех 17 странах, где представлен инвестиционный холдинг Freedom International Group.
IPO as part of Freedom Group
17 countries
Scaling up the project and entering the markets of 17 countries
More than 500.000 users
And more than 5.000 businesses registered in Kicksback
$50 млн
Annual turnover of Kicksback app
45 countries
Where we will be
$200 million
Annual turnover
Neural personalization of content
For each user

right now

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