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An innovative ad tech application that allows businesses to spend advertising budgets more effectively by employing a postpaid billing model. For consumers, it offers a new way to earn extra money on their spendings and take the world to the next level of transparency.
For users, Kicksback is a mobile app that makes it convenient to truly find the best spots in their town, to purchase at great prices, and to earn extra revenue including on the purchases of their friends.

How it works

FIRSTLINE is a digital space where each business competes for existing and potential clients.

Client receipts, paired with quality photos or video of the products or services which they've tried, are instantly posted on the FIRSTLINE. Client receipts are delivered to the app's most relevant target audience at the best time and the most appropriate context.

Thanks to Kicksback, a business does not pay upfront to marketing agencies and other intermediaries; instead, it directly attracts its clients, returning money to them for the purchases they've made and their recommendations to friends. This earning strategy allows both the business and its clients to benefit.
The total investment in the project has already exceeded $7 million. The plan is, over the next 3 years, to scale the project in all 17 countries where the Freedom International Group investment holding is represented.


17 countries
project scaling
and release in 17 countries
$50 million
annual turnover
in the Kicksback app
More than 100 thousand users
and more than 5,000 businesses
represented on Kicksback
45 countries
with our
$200 million
content for each
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