An international online university where you will acquire real-life knowledge to start generating income right after you graduate. Its unique format allows you to convert your time into money. Now KICKVARD specializes in the development of corporate courses for major companies, and courses for young entrepreneurs are also coming soon.
Project manager
Natalia Bulgina
Founded in
Kickvard University

About us

Since its establishment in 2018, over 200 students from 10 countries have already graduated from our university. The heart of our motto is that we prioritize quality over quantity because every graduate is valuable to us.


KICKVARD is an environment that is open 24/7 for new ideas and new people. We are a community of like-minded individuals ready to create and develop. KICKVARD is a university without walls, conventions or boundaries where you can share knowledge quickly, easily, efficiently and as conveniently as possible for everyone involved.
Active students enrolled online
at the same time
10 new countries
With corporate training courses
1.000 new products
To train corporate clients
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