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A designer clothing brand guided by a sense of responsibility (World Guinness Record holder).
Our DNA combines natural materials and technological innovation to help us create stylish and comfortable clothes for the future explorers of Mars.
We create limited collections of clothes with built-in GPS trackers, which you can use to quickly find a person and contact them at any moment.

You will feel calm and confident knowing that your loved ones are always safe when wearing clothing by NRK87.
We are guided by the principles of sustainable development and a caring attitude toward the Earth. We do not use harmful technologies for production and don't maintain huge factories.


“A journey spanning a million kilometers, as you know, begins with a first step. Every conversation starts with the first word. For me, that word has always been “responsibility”. This has its reasons...


8 countries
with our representation
$7 million
In annual turnover
More than 200 thousand
loyal app users
20 countries
with our representation
$25 million
In annual turnover
More than 600 thousand
loyal app users
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