A young tech-wear brand making leaps and bounds in the Freedom Group ecosystem. Our core values are conscious consumption, safety, caring for the environment and making it to space.
Art director
Erik Ambar
Founding date
2019 year

About us

A fashion tech-wear brand built on a sense of responsibility. NRK87. creates stylish, comfortable clothes and is committed to sustainability and a sensitive approach to the Earth. We also plan to conquer space. We strive to ensure that once people step foot on the Red Planet, they'll be able to build their new home there in safety and comfort.


The mission of NRK87. is to promote peace and our responsibility to preserve nature and the fate of mankind; we're always mindful of the ties between past and present. We're also keeping an eye on the future — by 2050, we plan to open our first boutique on Mars.


Humanity is concerned about the future of the planet and parents about the safety of their children.

We decided to create a fashion line with built-in GPS trackers so that you can not only easily track your children, but also contact them at any time.

You'll feel confident and calm, which means you'll have more time to create, dream and make the world around you a better place.
$2.5 million
Project revenue
15.000 items
Total production
$1 million
Net profit
Bring our products to all major online and offline platforms of the global fashion industry
Become one of the top 5 fashion tech companies
Number of boutiques
$300 million
Total turnover
Open the first boutique on Mars

The NRK87. brand is included in the Guinness Book of World Records

NRK87. was a partner of Moscow Fashion Week and, in 2018, became the Guinness Book of World Records record holder for the "Largest attendance at a fashion show" nomination — it was recorded that 1012 spectators spectators came to the event.
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