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Innovative food and technology for pets.
UME produces healthy and wholesome food and treats using hypoallergenic insect protein with the addition of white imperial ginseng root that is at least 6 years old. To develop our them, we carefully selected the ingredients that make up the products, consulted with veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists, and studied the latest trends in the development of the pet industry.
UME uses artificial intelligence technologies to better understand pets and offer exactly what they choose. To do this, we are developing a new application, which is will be an ecosystem designed specifically for your pet, where you will find everything: from products to pet care services.


Narek Sirakanyan got the idea of creating the UME ecosystem during a friendly dinner. One of the guests, a zoopsychologist by profession, told him the real story of Hachi, a dog that waited for nine years for its deceased owner at the railway station...


6 countries
with our stores
$5 million
annual revenue
More than 100 thousand
loyal app users
17 countries
with our stores
$20 million
annual revenue
More than 600 thousand
loyal app users
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