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A new high-tech pet brand that is an ecosystem for pets which uses artificial intelligence to better understand them and manufactures exactly the goods and products that they choose for themselves.
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About us

UME produces healthy and beneficial food and treats based on hypoallergenic insect protein with white imperial ginseng root that is at least 6 years old. To develop them, we carefully selected the ingredients included in the products' composition, we consultedveterinarians and veterinary dietitians, and studied the latest trends in the development of the pet industry.

UME uses artificial intelligence technologies to better understand pets and offer exactly what they choose. To do this, we are developing a new application, which is an ecosystem designed specifically for your pet, where you can find everything from products to pet care services.
Project start
in December 2022
$2.5 million
Project turnover
More than 500 thousand users
And more than 5.000 businesses registered in Kicksback
5 countries
Where we will be
$190 million
Annual turnover
become a part of the top 10 best manufacturers of pet products

Founding story

We chose developing technologies and creating products that help people better understand and better provide for the needs of their pets, and also take care of their health as the UME brand mission.
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