22 tháng 10, 2021

"Grow Up Together" Charitable Foundation announces the start of the grant competition

The “Grow Up Together” Charitable Foundation has announced the start of the grant competition for NPO marketing support. The competition begins on October 25 and will last until the end of the year.

The goal of the competition is to provide targeted marketing support for Russian non-profits who want to develop, keep up with the times and raise more money as part of their fundraising programs.

As part of the grants competition, which is taking place in all of the federal regions of the Russian Federation, five grantees will be identified. Three winners will participate in a big charitable auction-event, organised by the “Grow Up Together” Foundation aimed at raising money in their favor. One charity will receive a service related to website development and its online marketing. Another winning charity will have a special strategic marketing education program organised for its management, which will teach them how to properly and effectively establish communication with partners and investors.

“We have examined charity quite extensively. What we discovered is that a huge number of NGOs work honestly and efficiently, but they often don’t even have a normal website, as all their resources are aimed at direct assistance,” comments Freedom International Group president and founder of the Grow Up Together charity, Narek Sirakanyan, explaining the need for a grant competition. “We are ready to help them. Our foundation can organize events, engage in IT support, marketing and online education. We can do everything that will attract much more attention to these NGOs and, as a result, they will have more resources for their main, charitable, fundraising activities. Freedom Group uses this model for interacting with businesses within the holding and I am convinced it will prove its effectiveness in working with charitable organizations. If we can organize our work in such a way as to cover all charitable foundations, the problem will become much more visible and will receive a much greater public response.”

During the first step of the grant competition, which starts on October 25, applications and legal documents from charities will be accepted. Any Russian charitable organization can participate in the competition, regardless of their line of activities.
To apply for the competition, you need to familiarize yourself with the regulations, completely fill out the electronic application and attach all the necessary documents on the "Grow up Together" Foundation website: https://fondvv.ru

The “Grow Up Together” charitable foundation was established in November 2020 in the Freedom International Group ecosystem to provide gratuitous support to non-profit organizations specializing in helping children with disabilities. The foundation helps charitable NPOs build effective public communications with the general public offline and in the digital environment. Official website: https://fondvv.ru

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