15 tháng 11, 2021

Russian Snowboarding Champion Alyona Alekhina becomes NRK87. clothing brand ambassador

Russian Snowboarding Champion Alyona Alekhina becomes NRK87.  clothing brand ambassadorAlyona Alekhina is a seven-time Russian champion and two-time European snowboarding champion. In the spring of 2013, in California, while preparing for the Sochi Olympics, Alyona was injured. Because of the injury, she will having lost the ability to walk. This, however, hasn't prevent the former athlete with a difficult fate from enjoying life again. This fall, she became the ambassador of Russian techwear clothing brand NRK87., having chosen clothes from the new Endless Search collection.

High-tech fabrics, integrated NFC and GPS tags (designed to find people through a phone app, without using radars), unique colors, natural graphics: all this is clothing by NRK87. Created for those who consciously and responsibly care for our planet and have dreams of walking on Mars one day. This is a ready-made positive environment for the self-realization of caring people.

Russian Snowboarding Champion Alyona Alekhina becomes NRK87.  clothing brand ambassador

That is precisely why the brand's representatives chose Alyona Alekhina as their ambassador: one can only admire her love of life and involvement in a wide variety of areas of activity.

Despite the fact that Alyona can't walk on her own, she leads an absolutely independent lifestyle and provides herself perfectly. She plays concerts as part of her two musical projects, gives talks as a motivational speaker, actively acts as a model and has contracts with major brands, teaches 4 languages remotely using a marathon course she authored, and is also actively involved in charity.

NRK87. followers are residents of big cities with an active lifestyle, who are up-to-date on progress and fashion, who take care of the planet and their health. They are open to new things, trusting technology and feeling a connection with outer space. All these qualities are inherent in Alyona Alekhina, who values comfort, quality and originality in clothes. Items from the Endless Search collection fully meet her urban life clothing requirements due to their technology and practicality (for which we love techwear).

Despite the fact that more than 8 years have passed since the injury, Alyona still hasn't stopped her rehabilitation and daily trainings. During this time, the young lady has faced a huge number of difficulties. At the same time, she moved to California, got her US citizenship, traveled a lot, learned several foreign languages, received her master's degree in philology, received a translator's diploma, put together her two bands and went on tour with them. And the list doesn't end there. But the most important thing that Alyona managed to achieve was to not lose her all-consuming love of life and her cosmic energy. No matter what.

NRK87. proudly announces the beginning of cooperation with Alyona Alekhina, who, according to the creators of the brand, is an inspiring example for each one of us.

“Just like NRK87., I've always been fascinated by the rebelliousness of space and photos taken on the Red Planet. And I really like the technological innovations that provide extra security and comfort. Progressive techwear coupled with smart sustainability and a move away from excess consumption in favor of slow fashion is the philosophy and attitude that NRK87. is promoting globally today. And I am glad that I can do this together with the brand,” commented Alyona Alekhina on the beginning of her cooperation with NRK87.

Russian Snowboarding Champion Alyona Alekhina becomes NRK87.  clothing brand ambassador

The full press release of the NRK87.'s Endless Search collection (already on sale) is available here: https://teletype.in/@nrk87/o8z5Rs41B62

5 facts about Alyona Alekhina
- Vegetarian since 2008 and vegan since 2019
- As a child, she wanted to become an aerial circus artist
- Graduated musical school playing piano with excellent grades
- Five favorite punk rock bands are: Anti-Flag, The Interrupters, Rancid, Rise Against, Goldfinger
- Favorite movie: "The Shawshank Redemption"

The NRK87. brand is part of the ecosystem of Freedom International Group, an international investment company operating on the Russian market since 2014 and managing assets worth $2.5 billion. The Freedom Group ecosystem is developing in 17 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam and European countries. Its investment portfolio includes 48 projects. The NRK87. designer clothing brand is one of the businesses directly managed by Freedom Group.

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