15. September 2020

KICKS tokens have been successfully listed on PayBito, one of the world's leading crypto platforms

Top global cryptocurrency exchange PayBito has successfully listed KICKS, a unique loyalty kickback token issued by Sessia. The investment management company Freedom Group has so far invested over $ 7 million in this project.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange PayBito is diversifying trading opportunities for users by adding KICKS to its portfolio.

KICKS are Ethereum-based Sessia platform tokens that comply with the ERC-20 standard. Companies and suppliers of goods and services use the KICKS digital token to pay kickbacks to their customers, who purchase goods and services on the Sessia marketplace.

Sessia is an international blockchain technology based mobile platform that combines the functions of a kickback service, a marketplace, a social network and is a ready-made solution for the implementation and development of loyalty programs for small and medium-sized businesses in the service sector, HoReCa and retail. The listing of KICKS on the PayBito exchange is another stage in the development of the KICKS token and the Sessia project as a whole.

“Sessia kickback app is unique. There is no other app available that rewards you not only for your purchases, but also for the purchases of friends. Moreover, Sessia works with small and medium-sized businesses, which usually do not have enough money for advertising, but in Sessia they pay only after they’ve advertised, and the cost is a lot lower than the traditional advertising tools. So companies can attract new customers for less money, and reward existing ones as well. In the future, Sessia will become a popular platform for bloggers from other social networks, because on Sessia their income will be much higher, because they will be able to capitalize the assets of their subscribers”, says Narek Sirakanyan, the President of Sessia. “Listing on PayBito is a great way for our company to expand our presence in the US market. The PayBito exchange has all the necessary licenses to carry out cryptocurrency transactions in all states, which will let Sessia users in the US trade KICKS tokens easily".

Raj Chowdhury, the Managing Director of Paybito, said about the new token listing: “PayBito is committed to offering traders a wide range of tokens and that is why we continue to expand our portfolio by adding unique assets that will benefit our users. The core concept of Sessia and KICKS is intriguing, they take a non-standard approach to social media and e-commerce. The Sessia project has great market prospects, especially today, when businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to attract new customers. This is why we are confident that this will be a great offer for traders”.

The PayBito platform has a wide range of crypto assets and aims to provide traders with a lot of unique assets with good market prospects. Multi-currency trading options, instant fiat deposits,robust security protocols, the best cryptocurrency prices and the lowest fees: these critical factors have made PayBito exchange popular among global users and one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Sessia recommends all KICKS holders to use PayBito for transactions with KICKS tokens on the most favorable and convenient terms.

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