8. April 2021

Working group on the development of eSports held its meeting

A meeting of the working group created in February 2021 to discuss topical issues of the development of eSports in Russia was held on April 7 in Moscow. The task of the working group is to develop mechanisms for creating favorable conditions for entrepreneurship in the field of computer sports and to draw attention to the problems of development of this activity in Russia.

The meeting was chaired by Narek Sirakanyan, Head of the working group, Public Commissioner for the Development of Cybersport, and Tatiana Mineeva, Moscow Business Ombudsman.

Also present at the discussion were Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy, Nikita Bakaev, Deputy Head of the Department of the Moscow Business Ombudsman, Alexei Akulinin, Business Priority Development Director of the Roscongress Foundation, Alexei Rzhankovsky, Public Commissioner for Technical Regulation, Pro Bono expert, chief expert on taxes Viktoria Varlamova, head of the eSports Development Department of the Federal Center for Organizational and Methodological Support of Physical Education Savva Vishnevsky, methodologist of the FCC of Russia Christina Lee, Development Director of the CTRL PLAY and E TERRA MEDIA group of companies Stanislav Kirillochkin, member of the Russian Automobile Federation's Commission on Digital Sports Alexandra Ivanova and other industry representatives.

The working group discussed issues of taxation of sponsorship and prize awards in computer sports. Special attention was paid to the discussion of the initiative to introduce a specialized OKVED codes for computer sports organizations.

Recalling the task set by the President of Russia to bring domestic eSports to the international level, the head of the working group Narek Sirakanyan noted: “Our task is to discuss useful ideas and tools within the working group, achieve understanding on the main issues and develop joint constructive proposals to help Russian eSports, our athletes and entrepreneurs grow and develop faster in a favorable legal environment with the support from the state".

In turn, Moscow Business Ombudsman Tatyana Mineeva said: “I am glad to remind that Russia became the first country in the world to recognize eSports as an official sport back in 2001. However, with such a history, foundation and professional approach, the industry is not supported in the field of regulation and legal framework".

Among the decisions taken at the end of the meeting: further exploration of the issue of initiating changes in taxation to stimulate the development of the industry, analysis of the conditions for conducting economic activities for computer sports organizations and the development of necessary changes in legislation, as well as other areas of development in the sphere.

About Working group:

WG on the development of eSports in Russia

The working group on the development of eSports in Russia was created in February 2021 with the aim of drawing attention to the current problems facing the industry in Russia and implementing practical measures to create a comfortable environment for doing business in the field of computer sports. The working group included representatives of government authorities, industry community, business associations, market players. The head of the working group is Narek Sirakanyan, Public commissioner for eSports development, President of Freedom Group International and founder of Cyber Legacy.

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