23. Juni 2021

New MARS collection runway show from NRK87., an Austrian clothing brand.

The show, which is to take place on July 1, will be directed by Sergei Shubentsev - artist, video maker, creator of shows for TSUM, Matilda Shnurova, Ruban and other famous brands.

The show was developed in a futuristic concept with recreating a space atmosphere, using up-to-date technological and stage solutions, high-quality video mapping.

The brand pursues the ideology of stylish and comfortable clothing, which is created on the principles of responsibility and concern for the future of humanity. Its central idea is the theme of Mars: even at their first step onto the "Red planet", people should feel as comfortable as at home. NRK87. clothing brand combines the trends of minimalism at the intersection of technology and fashion relevance. It uses high-tech fabrics, built-in GPS and NFC tags, unique colors, natural graphics.

We create not only positive environment for the self-expression of smart and stylish people. NRK87. brandisfor those who are finding themselves and are conscious about treating our Planet with respect. For those who believe in technology and dream of evenwalking on Mars someday”, - said Freedom Group President, owner of the NRK87. brand Narek Sirakanyan,commenting on the upcoming event.

Followers of NRK87. are "millennials" living in big cities and having an active lifestyle. People who follow progress and fashion, care about the Planet and their health, choose comfort, quality and the best solutions out there.

NRK87. is part of the ecosystem of Freedom International Group, an international investment company that has been present on the market since 2014 and manages assets worth $ 2.5 billion. Freedom Group ecosystem is developing in 17 countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Vietnam and European countries. Investment portfolio includes 48 projects. Designer clothing brand NRK87. is one of the businesses that are under the direct management of Freedom Group.

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