18. November 2021

COFFEECELL against stroke and dementia

2-3 cups of coffee + 2-3 cups of tea daily reduce the risk of stroke by 32% and dementia by 28%. Scientists from the Chinese Medical University in Tianjin came to this conclusion after conducting a large-scale long-term study.

365 682 people aged 50 to 74 were recruited between 2006 and 2010 and were followed through 2020. During this time, 5079 study participants developed dementia and 10 053 had at least one stroke.

COFFEECELL against stroke and dementiaAs a result, the scientists identified a pattern: people drinking 2-3 cups of coffee every day, 3-5 cups of tea, or 4-6 cups combined, were much less prone to suffer from ischemic stroke and vascular dementia than those who didn't drink coffee and tea. The researchers also noted that the lowest risk of developing post-stroke dementia was observed with a daily consumption of 3-6 cups of coffee and tea.

“There are few doubts to the fact that coffee and tea have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and the latest research proves this once again,” says Nonna Kovalevskaya, project manager of the COFFEECELL brand. "We also recommend that our customers drink our coffee and tea 2-3 times a day. COFFEECELL's drinks contain imperial white ginseng that prevents the formation of blood clots which clog vessels, as well as the accumulation of cholesterol on the walls of the vessels. As you know, atherosclerosis is one of the main culprits of stroke. Ginseng also improves the dynamics of blood circulation and accelerates blood circulation during stagnant processes."

COFFEECELL against stroke and dementia

Nowadays, doctors from different countries are speaking out about the need for the regular intake of supplements, vitamins and minerals. The body is not getting sufficient nutrients from food. Our ginseng is an effective natural adaptogen that increases the body's resistance to disease, infections and harmful environmental factors. It helps to restore the normal functioning of all its organs and systems. And, when combined with coffee and tea, it not only energizes, relieves fatigue and increases efficiency, but also helps to strengthen the immune and nervous systems, improve brain function and speed up metabolism. You must agree that with the current coronavirus pandemic, this is quite significant in terms of keeping all of us healthy.

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