25. November 2021

"Giving Tuesday": helping special children to make their dreams come true

Kicksback, together with the "Grow Up Together" Foundation for the Promotion of Charity, is starting a fundraising campaign for the treatment of Vadim Koptev and Elizaveta Sokolova (patients working with Oxana Fedorova's "Hurry To Do Good!" Charitable Foundation).

Both children have cerebral palsy and require an additional course of treatment to be able to walk independently, without support. Each child's course of treatment will cost 250 000 rubles, so our common goal is to raise 500 000 rubles by December 10.

If you're already a Kicksback partner:

  1. Make a donation from your company's checking account leaving a "Giving Tuesday" note.
  2. Get in touch with Kicksback any convenient way and provide a copy of your payment order.
  3. Get additional promotion for your brand in the Kicksback ecosystem (a place at the top of the marketplace, and we'll also light up your business on the map).

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Until the end of December 2021, all new partners get Kicksback bonuses for free! (the service's commission is cancelled)

Kicksback is the first mobile app with instant bonuses and cashback that maximally satisfies the interests of all its users. The Kicksback project is part of the investment group Freedom International Group. Narek Sirakanyan, president of the group, came up with the idea to create the app. Users get bonuses for their friends' purchases, as well as gifts for visiting restaurants, cafés, beauty salons and stores. This way, a constant influx of potential customers is maintained: to attract them businesses can quickly create their own loyalty program in the app and start working with them effectively and without intermediaries.

The “Grow Up Together”Foundation for the Promotion of Charity was established in November 2020 in the Freedom International Group ecosystem to provide gratuitous support to non-profit organizations specializing in helping children with disabilities. The foundation helps charitable NPOs build effective public communications with the general public offline and in the digital environment. Official website: https://fondvv.ru

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