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Unique multi-line food products with ginseng.
To create our products, we select roots of 6-year-old ginseng, which we grow ourselves in the ecologically clean Changbaishan mountains in China, as well as the best coffee beans from around the world and elite teas.

COFFEECELL actively supports the philosophy of proper nutrition: when compared to traditional lattes, mochas, cappuccinos or hot chocolates, our drinks ccontains 4-5 times less calories. They do not contain gluten, we have replaced dairy with coconut cream, and instead of sugar we use healthy stevia and trehalose.
Coffee Tea Hot chocolate Coffee Tea Hot chocolate Coffee Tea Hot chocolate 
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The brand's geography consists of 10 countries, including the USA, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Austria. Freedom International Group believes in the great prospects of the project and, in to accelerate its development, is increasing its investments in opening branded boutiques around the world and expanding the range of healthy products with white imperial ginseng.


Narek studied at one of Canada’s best universities, McGill, and at Harvard, the renowned American university. The workload on the young man, who came from another country with the aim of becoming the best, was serious...


20 countries
with talent discovery centers
$10 million
annual revenue
100,000 of people
partner base
25 countries
with talent discovery centers
$50 million
annual revenue
400,000 of people
partner base
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