A young, dynamically growing brand offering tea, coffee and smartfood with healthy herbal supplements to the international market.
Project manager
Nonna Kovalevskaya
Founding date
2017 year

About us

Our brand was established in 2017 following an M&A deal. In three years, the brand's reach has expanded from one country (Russia) to nine, including the United States, Hong Kong and Vietnam, as well as Bulgaria, Austria and other European countries. The number of consumers has grown from 500 to 40.000. Branded coffee shops with designer interiors and unique menus have opened in three cities globally: Novosibirsk, Russia; Almaty, Kazakhstan; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our innovative brand has already exceeded $5 million in annual turnover.


Often, we just don't have the energy to turn our capabilities into talents. As the French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, "There are too many people in the world whom no one has helped to awaken." COFFEECELL created and brought to life the idea of healthy products that awaken the talents hidden in us all.
$10 million
Annual turnover
20 countries
With talent detection centers
100.000 people
Partner base
$50 million
Annual turnover
25 countries
With talent detection centers
400.000 people
Partner base
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