Script for tomorrow
We found a way
The companies constantly growing within Freedom International Group need unordinary people. We found a way to find such specialists, train them and promote them.
A serious approach
We look for people via a special methodology of training and constant effective testing.

The serious approach to electing our future colleagues assumes using technological, psychological, and social methodologies.
Our 9 business projects in 17 countries are a unique platform for discovering yourself and becoming successful
Our offer is to become a part of our ecosystem. To become part of a script written for the future
The expert council of the project
Narek Sirakanyan
Founder of the project SERIOUSLY
and Freedom International Group
Anna Sarukhanyan
Project V and Coffeecell brand ambassador, Freedom International Group
Andrey Eliseev
Head of Content Freedom International Group
Silvia Saliti
Vice President of Marketing, Freedom International Group
How it went
SERIOUSLY feedback
SERIOUSLY schedule
geography and dates
29/06/24 – 1/07/24
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