23 luglio 2021

Narek Sirakanyan's Foundation investigated how much money is donated in Russia to help children with disabilities

According to CAF, 28% of Russians donate money in one form or another. Most often, donations are given to help children with disabilities.

Narek Sirakanyan's “Growing Up Together” Charity Aid Foundation conducted a research called “Good Deeds Industry”, having studied the financial reports of charity foundations working with children with disabilities. The following findings were discovered:

1) In Russia, 800 charity foundations are involved in helping children with disabilities. In total for 2019, they collected 9.87 billion rubles.

2) More than half of this sum - 5.16 billion rubles - was collected by the seven largest foundations in the country.

3) The remaining part - 4.72 billion rubles - was divided between 217 medium and small foundations.

4) Another 576 children's charities are not getting donations.

5) There are about 2 million children with disabilities in Russia.

Based on the total amount of donations, at the beginning of 2021 there were 3,948 rubles given per child in our country.

The dynamics of changes in these financial indicators to a significant extent depends, among other things, on how successfully the sphere of charity will be able to utilize the capabilities of image and marketing promotion on the Web. In July this year, a system of grants from Narek Sirakanyan's “Growing up Together” Charity Foundation was launched to help charity foundations working with children with disabilities. More information on the criteria and conditions for obtaining support can be found at https://fondvv.ru/grants. The grants will allow charity organizations to “pump up” their presence on the Internet, improving communication with their audience, which will help to more effectively improve the life of children with disabilities.

Russia ranks 67th in the authoritative international CAF charity ranking. This year, our country has risen by 43 points all at once, which means that efforts made by us together with the colleagues from the charity community on changing the climate for charity in Russia are not in vain. But we are not going to dwell on this. It is crucial to do everything so that within the next 10 years Russia will get into the top 25 countries leading the CAF ranking. For this, in my opinion, social responsibility should become not an ambitious task, but the rule of our life”, - said Narek Sirakanyan, Founder and President of the“ Growing up Together ” Foundation.

Narek Sirakanyan's "Growing Up Together" Charity Foundation is part of the Freedom International Group ecosystem. The foundation was established in November 2020 to provide free support of image and marketing promotion for non-profit charitable organizations helping children with disabilities. During this time, the foundation provided services to 35 non-profit organizations in the equivalent of about 55 million rubles. Among the services - prototyping and website development, implementation of special promotion projects, design and preparation of BTL products, marketing research, Internet promotion, preparation and organization of events.

The official website of the Narek Sirakanyan Foundation is https://fondvv.ru.

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