July 16, 2020

High tech, scalability, charity

Narek Sirakanyan, the President of the Freedom Group, has taken part in the major charity marketplace, "Meet for charity". The total sum of donations reached 100 thousand rubles.

On the 3d July 2020 the fundraiser auction "Meet for charity" with Narek Sirakanyan took place. The auction accumulated 100 thousand rubles. The money was channeled to the ITMO University's Endowment Development Fund for the implementation of scientific and educational projects in Russia: scholarship programs for young talents, support for young scientists and researchers, creation of unique laboratories and spaces for working in the newest areas of science.

The idea behind the auction is simple: increasing bids during the week in order to win a meeting with a famous person, an opinion leader with an active life position and rich professional experience.

Andrei Kalinin, the managing partner of the "Business Aviation" club, won the meeting with Narek Sirakanyan.

“Meet for Charity is a project that fully complies with my business principles: technology, scalability, charity. In addition to their direct charitable goal, they create a business community with similar interests, inspire new projects, spark new ideas”, Narek Sirakanyan comments.

"The donation was transferred to the fund, which was also chosen for a reason: they are scaling technologies that will change the lives of many Russians tomorrow".

About Freedom Group:

It was registered in Hong Kong in April 2017. The owner of the company is Narek Sirakanyan. Freedom International Group manages the following brands: Cyber Legacy, Sessia, Project V, COFFEECELL, NRK1987., Kickvard University, Kidwords Media Group, and others. The company is represented in 17 countries of the world, the total cost of projects under its management exceeds $ 2.5 billion.

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