September 17, 2020

Cyber Legacy in IEM New York

The young Cyber Legacy team for CS: GO continues to go confidently towards their goal. In July, the team took 118th place in the world ranking of teams, but in August they already were in 65th place. The victory in the closed qualifier for the main tournament of the year, the IEM New York, helped to make such a leap.

The team started with an open qualification. Unfortunately, the first attempt was unsuccessful, and HellRaisers team beat Cyber Legacy. However, in the second open qualifier the team did their best and passed into the closed part of the qualification.

There Cyber Legacy did very well and got to the qualifier finals without any problems, where they met with HellRaisers, the team that didn’t allow them to win the first open qualifier. It was a very strong opponent, but Cyber Legacy put all their effort into the game and ... beat the HellRaisers with a score of 2:0.

For the victory, the Cyber Legacy team received a place in the IEM New York tournament, where they will have to compete with the strongest teams from the CIS, including NaVi and Team Spirit that have the top world rating.

Now the team is working hard preparing for the games, which kick off on October 9th. $ 50,000 and the most important tournament points are at stake. Good luck, Cyber Legacy!

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