September 18, 2020

Cyber Legacy took custody of a Hindu tiger who lives in the Yekaterinburg Zoo

From 14 to 20 September 2020, festivities are held in Yekaterinburg dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Yekaterinburg Zoo. As part of the event, Cyber Legacy eSports organization took custody of a rare species of a tiger named Hindu and presented her with a special toy gift.

The Hindu Bengal tigress was born in Cadiz, a city in southern Spain. Her father is from France and her mother is from England. Later, Hindu went to the Yekaterinburg zoo in December 2007 and has been living there today. Hindu White Tigress is a rare species of Bengal tigers, first discovered in 1951.

Thanks to the participation of Cyber Legacy, the living conditions and medical care of Hindu will be improved. In addition, part of the support will be directed to the purchase of additional equipment necessary for the tigress to feel comfortable in the enclosure.

“I really love tigers. It's a shame that many species of these beautiful animals can no longer be found in the wild. White tigers live in zoos, and it is simply necessary that the most comfortable living conditions be created for them. Therefore, we welcome the initiative of our partners from Cyber Legacу, who consciously and purposefully work on the social component of their business, and are glad to see the theory of little (but important) things applied in practice”, - said Marianna Skragan, Director of Business Priority.

“We are a new company with an active lifestyle. All our activities are aimed at the development of the society while maintaining the results already achieved. We are guided by taking care of the surrounding world, which depends on us", - comments Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy. - "Our logo depicts a tiger, so can you imagine our surprise when we saw a living embodiment of our logo in Yekaterinburg?! Hindu Tigress, who lives in the Yekaterinburg Zoo, has become our sponsored Red Book friend. Today we have prepared a special surprise for her".

“Custody of the Hindu is one of our social projects, which we develop along with business projects. Although in business we invest only in those projects that meet our three core principles: scalability, innovation and social impact”, - comments Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom Group investment management company. - "Very soon we shall announce the launch of another social project, the likes of which have not yet been witnessed in Russia".

About Cyber Legacy:

Founded in Moscow in June 2020. The investor and co-owner of the company is Narek Sirakanyan, along with Business Priority, which supports innovations and startups. Cyber Legacy manages two DOTA, CS: GO sports teams. The company is represented in the CIS countries.

About Business Priority:

Business Priority is a Roscongress Foundation project that develops and supports innovative ideas and startups. Business Priority selects and creates the necessary infrastructure elements for the quality development of innovative startups.

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