September 23, 2020

How to protect your bones

Project V, one of the projects belonging to the investment management company Freedom Group, has introduced a new product: OS for bone, joint, and muscle health.

Project V's Direct Hit line has been expanded with a new product for strengthening bones. The OS product contains all the essential ingredients for healthy bones and joints; it also provides reliable protection from fractures and injuries. The calcium and zinc in the OS product help strengthen bone mineral composition, while vitamins D, B and K help keep your muscles in tone. The exclusive formula works in several directions at once: strengthening bone structure, maintaining muscle function, and normalizing blood composition.

OS contains the revolutionary vitamin K2, which transports calcium directly to bone tissue and prevents it from accumulating in blood vessels. The OS product is great for athletes, because it normalizes protein absorption and stimulates muscle tissue growth. Even though sprains and fractures are quite common injuries, you can avoid them if you take proper care of your bones and muscles.

“The Direct Hit line is a target hit,” says Project V project manager Ksenia Lychagina. "It contains biologically active ingredients that have a targeted effect on the specific organs of our body."

“Nutraceuticals are one of the most stable and dynamically developing segments of the health products market, showing 6-8% annual growth in the last decade. And forecasts show that this growth will continue,” says the president of the Freedom Group investment management company Narek Sirakanyan. “Therefore, it is not surprising that ambitious projects achieve success thanks to the symbiosis of well-established formulas, the latest technologies, and effective marketing.”


Project V is a health product brand currently being actively promoted by the investment management company Freedom Group. All Project V products are manufactured in the cutting-edge factory, which is included in the top 5 of the French pharmaceutical industry, and are certified according to the strictest European quality and safety standards.

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