September 30, 2020

Project V at Tseleevo Trophy Night 2020

Project V brand, which is part of Freedom Group investment and management company, became Tseleevo club golf season's closing partner.

On September 26, 2020, a high-profile Trophy Night event - Closing of the 2020 season was held in Tseleevo. This is a unique place for leisure - on a vast territory of almost 300 hectares you can go in for golf, polo, alpine skiing, tennis. Tseleevo is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching golf courses in the world - the 18-hole championship course designed by master Jack Nicklas.

The Project V brand - vitamin complexes for every day - sponsored the Members Open Day tournaments in Tseleevo, where the participants received M Gel, an innovative product in the field of cosmetology, as a gift. Its 11 active ingredients help to instantly moisturize the skin, develop its own collagen and elastin, regenerate the epidermis, protect against negative effects and reduce wrinkles, enhance microstimulation and antioxidant protection, and protect against UV rays. In the second Clock Tower Final, the winners received PAPARAZZI - a special multi-protein complex containing four types of proteins: fast, medium and low digestion rates, which have a very high biological value, while maintaining amino acid balance. At the closing of the Trophy Night season, all teams also received PAPARAZZI, as well as the novelty from Direct Hit - OS line for bone, joint and muscle health.

“The main surprise for the Trophy Night guests was the new OS product, which they were among the first ones to receive. This product will be covered in October Forbes", - comments Ksenia Lychagina, Project V Brand Manager, - "OS is great for golfers, as it normalizes proper protein absorption and muscle tissue growth".

About Project V:

Project V is a health product brand actively developed by Freedom Group investment management company. All Project V products are manufactured at the leading production line, which is included in the Top 5 of the French pharmaceutical industry, and are certified according to the strict European quality and safety standards.

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