October 31, 2020

"FTSH Cup" cybersports tournament

Cyber Legacy cybersports company organized a Hearthstone tournament in celebration of the 33rd birthday of the famous physics and mathematics school of St. Petersburg.

On October 18, 2020, an eSports tournament organized by Cyber Legacy was held at the Academic Lyceum Physics and Technology School. Hearthstone was not chosen as the discipline of the tournament by chance. The game develops analytical thinking and provides the ability to use logical constructions, including after the end of the game, when many players rethink and analyze the correctness of their moves, which is why it is called eSports chess.

The School of Physics and Technology ranks 11th in the best schools of Russia. This is the only school in Russia that is part of the system of the Russian Academy of Sciences and one of the few that develop eSports among students. At the FTSH, Anton Kuznetsov, Representative of the School, Deputy Director for Informatization, is responsible for this area. Anton Mikhailovich is a top-rank teacher, a multiple winner of European programming competitions, a certified examiner of the Unified State Exam, a teacher at the Higher School of Economics. Thanks to his initiative, this tournament took place, the first in the Russian Federation, and the winner was Andrei Ivasenko. It is noteworthy that in 2004, in honor of the 17th anniversary of the FTSH, Anton Mikhailovich independently organized the FTSH Quake championship.

On October 31, the winner received a prize from Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy. Of course, the prize is a kit of an eSportsman, namely a modern gaming computer with all the necessary peripherals.

As far as I know, the eSports industry is quite commercialized, there is little place for social responsibility. I am pleased that Cyber Legacy has taken a different route and, in addition to business, is also developing social projects, - comments Anton Kuznetsov, a top-rank teacher. “Despite the great interest of young people in eSports, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region are lagging behind the capital in terms of the number of eSports events, perhaps it is Cyber Legacy that will help restore the balance”.

Young audiences are the cornerstone of eSports, its present and future”, - says Marianna Skragan, Director of Business Priority. - "The tournament organized by Cyber Legacy is the first sign, and the positive response is so strong that we are sure that our colleagues have a lot of success ahead in this field. In addition, new eSports projects for youth, prepared within the framework of the Roscongress Foundation ecosystem, will soon see the light of day”.

Cybersport is the sport of young, very young guys. Therefore, interaction with schools in the Russian Federation is one of the priority projects for the development of Cyber Legacy", - comments Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy. “The second Russian cyber tournament will be held among Moscow schools, we have prepared many surprises”.

About Cyber Legacy:

Founded in Moscow in June 2020. The company is owned by Narek Sirakanyan, Business Priority and others. Cyber Legacy manages 3 sports teams in DOTA, CS: GO and Fortnite. The company is represented in the CIS countries.

About Business Priority:
Business Priority is the Roscongress Foundation's innovation platform that develops and supports promising ideas and startups. Business Priority selects and creates the necessary infrastructure elements for the quality development of innovative startups.

Maria Ushakova

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