November 9, 2020

COFFEECELL reveals running talents

COFFEECELL brand of healthy coffee and tea sponsored the "Sport for Good" multi-race charity event. As part of the online race, 500 000 rubles was raised.

From October 29 to November 4, 2020, an online competition called "Sports for Good Cause" was held, organized by the "Love Syndrome" charity foundation to support people with Down syndrome. This multi-race has become the largest online charity competition in 2020. The race was attended by 222 people who made contributions in the total amount of 548,400 rubles.

This charity multi-race is more than just running. The organizers have provided for a variety of tracks, ways to overcome them and participation formats. Anyone could cover the distance on a bicycle or scooter, rollerblades and a hoverboard. The chosen distance could be run and driven, anywhere and at any convenient time for seven days. It was possible to make a charity contribution even without getting up from the couch, by taking the “couch for good” track.

COFFEECELL brand of healthy coffee sponsored the "Sports for Good Cause" race. The distinguishing characteristic of COFFEECELL is that six-year-old white imperial ginseng powder is added to coffee beans - for many years this "root of life" strengthens the immune system, protects against diseases, providing plenty of resources. And getting you in a state in which you can best reveal your talents.

We are grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to help people with Down syndrome take another step towards a highly-developed society” , - comments Alexey Lungul, Head of COFFEECELL brand. “We believe that our product is useful not only for the body, but also for the mind - COFFEECELL reveals all kinds of talents”.


The brand was created in 2017 after an M&A deal. By 2020, Freedom Group has over $ 3 million invested in the project. The brand is represented in Vietnam, Austria, Uzbekistan, USA, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus. In 2019, revenues exceeded $ 2 million. Guinness World Record holder in 2018.

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