June 20, 2019

The spectacular start of the Freedom Group in the USA

The Freedom Group has recently taken the torch from the Bing Han USA and presented the new coffee project COFFEECELL in its office in New York. The hall was filled with guests, who took a lot of interest in participating in the project's presentation.

As our President Narek Sirakanyan has stated - this is a real mega-start! Just half an hour after the beginning of the presentation, Tony Peng, Executive Partner of the Bing Han company, fully closed Diamond 1K. And all the COFFEECELL products for July has sold out, a new order is being placed.

Tony himself, an expert in MLM, is really surprised at the ease and simplicity of achieving the highest results and hopes in one year's time to close the status GRAFF. The Freedom Group also wants to thank Desmond Liew, N. Sirakanyan's godfather, for the support and promotion of the new project in the States.

In the nearest future the torch will be passed on to VISION that has all the opportunities to conquer the American market. The fist opening is planned for this year in New York.

Next presentations will take place Las Vegas, and then in Toronto.

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