March 19, 2021

COFFEECELL at the Woman Award—2021

On March 11, the annual Woman Award—2021 Award for Successful Women of Russia was held according to the SPECIAL magazine rating. The event took place at "Banquet Hall on Tverskaya", a well-known Moscow event-site. Each year the Award is held on a larger scale, which proves its relevance and importance for Russian business women from various fields of activity.

COFFEECELL presented gifts to the Award finalists in various nominations: Ekaterina Gordon, Katya Lel, Olga Spirkina, Infinity Music band, Virus Music band, blogger Kristi the one, blogger Helen Yes, Elina Vorontsova, Natalia Palinova.

Alexey Lungul, Project Manager of COFFEECELL, commented on the brand's participation in the Award:

We are pleased to present the COFFEECELL brand at such a truly spring event, which brought together the best representatives of the best part of mankind. I sincerely congratulate all the winners and hope that COFFEECELL products will help awaken their talents - those that may not have discovered yet. Spring is a wonderful time of renewal, when you want to look especially great and not be ill. The products of our brand will help all beautiful ladies to avoid health issues and give much-needed energy to improve themselves!"

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