May 30, 2021

Dmitry "Hurma" Geynts joined Cyber Legacy team

On May 26, Russian eSports organization Cyber Legacy announced the signing of a contract with former eSportsman Dmitry "Hurma" Geynts. Thanks to the new member, the club expects to significantly strengthen its presence in the media space.

Dmitry will create content streaming and will be presenting video content produced by the organization.
Dmitry "Hurma" Geynts is well known in the world of Fortnite, and his social media audience exceeds 250 thousand people.

The event is commented on by the main participants:

Dmitry “Hurma” Geynts: “It is with great pleasure that I will be creating content with the guys from CL who I've known for a long time. You'll soon see Irezumi and Rotory's faces, a bootcamp overview and more. I think the players are very happy about this too!"

Vladislav Grechkin, CEO of Cyber Legacy: “We are confident in productive cooperation with Dmitry and believe that this will increase the club's audience, as well as provide the existing fan base with consistent and interesting content. In the near future, our audience will see a number of interviews with CL players, and on the broadcasts of tournaments covered by Dmitry, it will be possible to see CL athletes more often”.

Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group, owner of Cyber Legacy: “Freedom Group is actively involved in the development of eSports as one of the most dynamically developing areas in our country and the world. In my opinion, this sport deserves attention no less than traditional sports, and maybe even more in connection with the development of new areas of activity and new professions in the field of computer technology. As for Dmitry, we see that there are already pro's coming up onto the scene. It's great that people who set trends in this industry are joining our team".

About Cyber Legacy:

Cyber Legacy (CL) is a Russian eSports club founded in 2020. The main owner of the company is Narek Sirakanyan, Business Priority, among others. The company is represented in the CIS countries. Cyber Legacy online (Twitch, VK, FB, IG, Twitter): cyblegacy

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