May 15, 2021

Coffee G — a new solution for revealing human potential

"Coffee has a truly amazing ability to open your eyes to things that you could not have noticed before, so it is impossible to discover the truth without coffee" (Le Corbusier)

In May, Coffeecell, Freedom International Group's FMCG brand that promotes beverages and products with healthy herbal supplements, has launched a new product - ground coffee with Coffee G of Arabica and Aroma sorts. New sorts of coffee charge you up with energy and positivity, awakening inner potential and talents hidden within.

There are 4 reasons to start your day with Coffee G:

1. Health and energy. Immunity becomes stronger, metabolism improves, the body begins to work normally, endurance and productivity increase.

2. Time and opportunities. Work capability becomes higher, and an active day - longer, you do more and faster, and there is time for self-development.

3. The mood and desire to achieve new victories in life. You are charged with a positive attitude for success, difficult tasks are easier for you, self-esteem and work results become higher.

4. Ambition and success. Confidence in the potential hidden within appears. Your talents are beginning to define new goals. You get to a new level of self-expression, where there is no limit to the possibilities.

In the duo of coffee and ginseng, which are part of Coffee G, each component is responsible for specific properties and functions. Coffee is tonicity and activity, anti-stress and good mood, endorphins and antioxidants, favorite taste and profitable business. Ginseng is energy and immunity, fast metabolism, healthy heart and strong nerves, super memory and speed of thinking.

As for the different varieties of Coffee G - in addition to their exceptional Brazilian origin and Italian temperament, they are united by the fact that this is 100% quality coffee, created for connoisseurs and fans of this drink.

Coffee G Arabica was created for those who prefer premium classics. Selected Arabica from Brazil made a transatlantic flight to reach the hands of the most delicate Italian roasters. Such coffee not only energizes during the whole day, but also heals and activates the work of all vital systems of internal organs.

Coffee G Aroma was created for those looking for pleasure in all shades and variants.
Brazilian recipe for a happy life is quality arabica, Italian roast, white imperial ginseng combined with caramel and vanilla.

Traditionally, Coffeecell products use imperial ginseng extract with its unique properties:

  • It is a natural energy tonic that acts gently and delicately, normalizing blood pressure;
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system and increases efficiency. Relieves fatigue and helps fight depression;
  • Improves cognitive performance of the brain. In particular, drinking coffee with ginseng extract improves concentration and memory ability;
  • Stimulates immunity, restorative and metabolic processes in the body, removes toxins and slows down the aging process;
  • It has a beneficial effect on women's health and mood, helps to cope with fatigue and irritability.

In addition to the time-tested ingredients that make up the end product, Coffee G also epitomizes the aesthetics of the art of making quality coffee. For more than 60 years it has been perfectly owned by the world-famous Caffe Corsini (Italy). Keeping a balance of traditions and technologies in the preparation of coffee, a taste is created that has been tested by time and people who trust it.

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