August 9, 2021

Narek Sirakanyan participates in the Meet For Charity project of meetings with celebrities

Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group and founder of the “Growing up Together” Charity foundation, to take part in the Meet For Charity (MFC) auction, which is starting on August 9 and lasting for a week.

The largest Russian charity auction of meetings with celebrities has been held since 2016. For 5 years, the project has raised over 130 million rubles in support of various charity foundations.

MFC is attended by entrepreneurs, cultural figures, politicians and sportsmen, public figures, opinion leaders, bloggers and media personalities. More than 800 participants became the star cast of the project.

At a meeting with the winner of the auction, Narek Sirakanyan will reveal the details of the launch of various brands on the market - from IT applications to Food and Fashion tech. He will share his experience in selecting promising seed stage projects. He will talk about the unique project management system in his company, which ensures the rapid growth and scaling up of businesses in foreign markets. Also, he will reveal the secret of business success at 30+. He will also give advice and discuss other social and business topics with the winner. The funds collected as a result of the auction will be used for charity purposes.

The data base of Meet For Charity participants already exceeds more than 3 thousand people. Having made a bet on a project participant, the sponsor gets a chance to communicate with a celebrity, a professional and an interesting speaker in the format of a personal meeting. You can get the opportunity to meet with the President of Freedom International Group by following the link to MeetForCharity. Lot code: MFC-2021-0584.

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