August 23, 2021

COFFEECELL – the official partner of the ArtMasters creative championship

COFFEECELL, a member of Freedom International Group, has become the official partner of ArtMasters Open National Championship of Creative Competencies.

ArtMasters is a large-scale event conducted in the field of culture and creative industries, which is aimed at supporting the talented youth. The project is implemented with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, as well as the Moscow Government. It brings together the best young representatives of creative professions, leading experts, leaders in the sphere of culture and creative industries, and public officials.

The supervisory board includes media personalities from various spheres of creative industries - K.Ernst, A. Zlatopolsky, I. Matvienko, I. Krutoy, V. Mashkov, O. Lyubimova, etc.

Among the ambassadors of the Championship: Dina Garipova, Igor Matvienko, Svetlana Zhurova, Vladimir Mashkov, etc. At the moment, qualifying stages for 19 competencies are underway. In August, face-to-face finals were held at more than 10 Moscow venues (theaters, museums, business spaces, universities).

On August 22, the official Opening Meeting of the championship took place at the Helikon-Opera theater, and the final gala concert and awarding ceremony are to take place on September 6 at the Bolshoi Theater.

One of the projects of my company Freedom International Group - COFFEECELL - has become an official partner of the Championship. We have something to work on together, because we have a common mission - I created COFFEECELL to help people discover talents. And for me, as for President of Freedom Group, this event presents a great opportunity to tell everyone about our mission and our brand. Our work in discovering talents proves - the number of talented and happy people is growing every day. And I am sincerely pleased to meet these gifted people with passion in their eyes, such as the ArtMasters participants”, - said Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group and owner of the COFFEECELL brand during his greeting of the Championship participants at the Helikon-Opera stage.

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