October 25, 2021

Project V and COFFEECELL Discovery Meetings in November

On November 9th and 11th, Project V project manager Natalya Raspopova and COFFEECELL project manager Nonna Kovalevskaya will participate in the "Unleash your possibilities with the Project V and COFFEECELL brands" events.

The program includes the latest news about the Freedom International Group holding and its brands, training sessions from experienced top-leaders, recognition of existing partners, promotions and offers, as well as product tastings and a lottery with amazing prizes.

Project V and COFFEECELL Discovery Meetings in November

The meetings will take place: Krasnodar - November 9, Hampton Hotel (26, Lenina St.), Novosibirsk - November 11, Domina Hotel (25/2, bld. 1, Krasnaya St.) The project managers will be expecting active leaders at a "Q&A" meeting at 3:30 p.m. in Krasnodar and 4:30 p.m. in Novosibirsk. The events will take place in accordance with all the necessary safety measures.

Project V is a health products brand being actively developed by the Freedom International Group investment management company. All Project V products are manufactured at a leading production facility, which is in the Top 5 of the French pharmaceutical industry. All products are certified according to strict European quality and safety standards. https://projectvint.ru

COFFEECELL is a dynamically growing brand offering tea, coffee and smartfood with healthy plant supplements to the international market. Since 2017, It is part of the Freedom International Group ecosystem. Apart from Russia, the brand’s geography consists of nine countries, including the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, as well as Bulgaria, Austria and other European countries. https://coffeecell.com

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