February 1, 2022

Business Idea Contest from Freedom International Group

Freedom International Group is announcing a $1 000 000 contest for business projects.

Authors of the best ideas will get awards of $10 000 (20 awards), $100 000 (3 awards) and $500 000 (1 award) to launch their startups. Narek Sirakanyan, the President of Freedom International Group, will also become the business mentor for each award winner in 2022.

Business Idea Contest from Freedom International Group

To participate in the contest, you need to fill in the application form on Freedom Group's website: https://freedomgroupint.com/en/contest/

The first winners of the $10 000 awards will be announced in March.

"I’ll be expecting your submissions. You don’t need to worry about your ideas: no one is going to steal them, we don’t even have the time to carry out our own," Narek Sirakanyan wrote on his Instagram page, commenting the launch of the business idea contest.

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