January 25, 2022

Paid Subscription Model for Cyber Legacy's services

Freedom International Group’s investments have paid off: at the end of 2021, Cyber Legacy, our young team, occupied 4th spot in Europe and made it to the top ten strongest Fortnite (by Epic Games) teams worldwide.

In February, Freedom Group is launching a subscription for Cyber Legacy services. CL's fans will now be able to not only get closer to the team, but benefit as well. The subscription will cost 490 rubles.

The subscription includes:

- The France-made Cyber Orange energy tonic with 6-year-old imperial ginseng;

- The analysis of subscribers' Fortnite games by CL players;

- Participation in private tournaments and events.

Paid Subscription Model for Cyber Legacy's services

"My congratulations to CL's players l1nk, Rotory, Safik, iRezUmi, Fury Legendary and Putrick, I'm very proud of their achievements! The subscription to Cyber Legacy services will give your child an excellent chance to improve their resume starting today, to take their spot on the world esports arena and become a player on our team in the future. The other important factor is that they’ll already have an opportunity to earn good money at a young age," said Narek Sirakanyan, the President of Freedom International Group, commenting the success of the team and the launch of the subscription.

Cyber Legacy (CL) is a Russian Esports club founded in 2019. Part of Freedom International Group's ecosystem. The company is represented in Europe and the CIS. Has a strong Fortnite roster.

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