March 22, 2022

Eric Ambar, NRK87 project manager.

Meet Eric Ambar, the designer and art director of NRK87. We interviewed him and asked him about the brand, his creative path and future plans.

Eric Ambar, NRK87 project manager.

- When and where did you start?

Since childhood. I drew a lot of cities, houses, streets. In my youth, I thought I would become an architect, but I became a clothing architect, which is very close, if you mean constructing patterns, sketches and creating technical documentation. I owe everything, mostly to my own clothing brand, which was born back in 2007.

- What kind of brands do you like yourself?

Self-contained, not based on a commercial core. Those that were born out of ideas and dreams, not business plans and the desire to make money. There are quite a lot of such brands, it is interesting to watch them and be happy about their achievements.

- What's innovative about NRK87?

Our big development of our own technological GPS tracker with an app attached to it. The GPS device comes with this or that garment and is a separate ecosystem. The main purpose of this development is an additional security option for our loved ones and the wearer of the garment. At any time, trusted individuals can track the wearer's location or contact the wearer. The wearer can also trigger an emergency SOS call.

- Why space aesthetics?

Because it's the future and, in a good sense, this field is endless to explore as well as to achieve. This is the direction in which we intend to develop, not only in terms of clothing, but also in terms of community, technology and future collaborations.

Eric Ambar, NRK87 project manager.

- Why is so much attention paid to Mars and not, say, the moon?

Mars is one of the most suitable dislocation points in space for humans, first of all, because of its maximal similarity to our planet (even though it has a small atmosphere on Mars). We believe that Mars will be a significant starting point for mankind to the nearest remote corners of our universe. And we want to contribute to the study of the Red Planet.

- What is the most technologically challenging thing right now and why?

We tried to give each of the items in the current collection non-trivial tricks, to make them more complicated and interesting. But the 100% leaders here are our jackets, most of which have ultra-thin (but warm) lining, which lightens the weight of the garment, which is very important in the same space, by the way. And also membrane fabrics with appropriate properties of warmth and moisture resistance. Our separate pride - all buttons and Velcro are replaced by a system of hidden magnets: both on the cuff slats and on the pockets with internal compartments.

- Why such a small print run?

We do not take more than we need from resources - this applies both to the purchase of raw materials and to subsequent sales. We have no claim to mass production or a large market. We intend first and foremost to broadcast our identity, our philosophy and the prism of the World. Clothing is like a complement and a way to talk. Plus, it all reflects positively on the production processes (more attention to detail) and subsequent sincere communication with the audience (not locked into a seasonal product sales race).

- What's your favorite sci-fi movie?

I love the whole category of the genre, but "Interstellar" has been a standout for years. In fact, the graphic look of our logo, concerning the characters, is a direct inspiration of the episode of this movie, which tells about the binary code. And, of course, because the main value in our observable universe is love, with the help of which we can create anything, as this picture tells us very transparently.

Eric Ambar, NRK87 project manager.

- There is no Mars Science Foundation, and it's written about it on your website. How do you comment on that?

It's not a fake. Our brand is only a year and a half old, and we have just begun our journey, gaining our true face, ID and tools, which includes this project - we will reveal it in full a little later, we are working on it.

- When will the store be?

During the last year we were painstakingly choosing a location that would combine everything under one roof: an experimental sewing workshop, a store, a meeting place, an office, and the location of the team as a whole. And now, literally nothing more, and this year we will celebrate the opening. At this point, the premises are already being put in the proper form. I can only hint that the location is near Arbat (Moscow).

- Do you wear anything of NRK87 yourself?

Of course, usually these are the very first samples - the production samples, by which I check and make alterations before starting sewing. I love those. I try not to touch the clothes of the ready made copies, so that more of them will go to those or other people who want them - that is the best thing that can happen to them (when people buy them), rather than one of the extreme sizes will end up in your closet.

- What will the next collection be and what will be in it?

The future collections will be somewhat smaller relative to the lineup, but we will be releasing these capsules much more often. This will give us the opportunity to broadcast more of our own ideas, vision and philosophy of the brand. Wait, spring is coming. We'll be in touch!

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