July 22, 2022

New products in production!

After testing the products provided to us by the PYC factory, the following products have been selected for production:

- desserts Dulce de leche, Desert Caramel and Dessert chocolate
- mini Brownie cupcakes, Caramel, Lemon and Almond cake
- Cheese, Onion and Bbq chips
- Choco peanut bars, Cookies cream, Protein and Coconut Crisp bar, Myrtille blueberry and cranberry crunch bars.

We are waiting for the arrival of Slimming Matcha Drink samples from the new planned line of slimming products.
The production of our shakers and hi-tech mugs has started.

We are planning to release 50 new products by 2025. You can always find out more about the project on the Coffeecell website

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