July 4, 2019

KIDWORDS SHOW — be the first to see it!

The Freedom Group company has launched its first project for kids - KIDWORDS SHOW on the Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyB5LypumzkfGcW3Auzgvtg!

In the role of the smart and merciless Toy Testers you can see Handsome Denny and Doctor Zoom! In reality their names are Denny Sirakanyan and Igor Lantrantov. Denny is still very young, but he has already become
famous as a video-blogger. And Igor is a well-known producer and show man.

In every episode of their show Denny and Zoom research and rigorously check toys using all methods and techniques available. Some of their methods wouldn't be approved by parents. But Toy Testers wouldn't step back. And don't forget funny comments and real battles.

Subscribers will get prizes and presents, which Denny and Doctor Zoom have prepared for them. New KIDWORDS SHOW will come out once a week! Get ready - we will blow Youtube!

KIDWORDS SHOW — be the first to see it!

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