November 15, 2018

The story of one record

On October 27, 2018 the Guiness book record for "The biggest number of beauty pageant viewers at one time" was officially awarded in Moscow. And the credit for this amazing achievement now belongs to the Freedom Group company!

I would like to go into detail and tell how all of us worked together for this to happen, and live once again through the tense moment before Joan Brent, the official representative of the "Guiness Book of Records", announced the result.

The idea to set a record and enter the history forever, belongs to our charismatic President - Narek Sirakanyan.
Inspired by him, the long meticulous work started: filling in the application for the record, difficult negotiations, creating our own line of fashionable clothes under our much loved brand COFFEECELL. In 2018 our brand became a general partner of the Fashion week in Moscow, and throughout the year we took active part in all events of this partnership.

Today we will disclose what conditions have to be met to aspire for the record: Brand COFFEECELL had to create its own line of fashion clothes, quality, style and novelty of which had to be proved by the fashion experts.

Fashion show had to take place during one of the five World fashion weeks (Milan, Paris, London, New York and Moscow). This was an important factor. Probably, there have been fashion shows during major competitions or concerts with tens of thousands of spectators. However, these can't go anywhere near in comparison with well-known and widely acknowledged fashion shows.

There should be more than 1000 people attending the fashion show at one time.

Almost all year the company carried out all the instructions and guidelines of the "Book of Records" administration. There are two ways of proving a record - photo and video, witness reports, or inviting official representative of the Guinness World Records. Our company decided to choose the latter, even though it's the most difficult and challenging way. However, if the record is proved by the Guinness representative, no other proofs are needed and the record can't be disproved.

So, the big day came. Early morning on 27 October 2018, the official representative of the Book Joan Brent arrived at TESLA PALACE accompanied by 50 specially trained assistants. Long drill, checking lots of minor formalities, and the doors of the palace opened to all partners of the company.

We monitored the sections and knew that more than 1300 people were present on the RUNWAY-2018. This, however, didn't guarantee success: the strict requirements to the behavior of the viewers were mentioned, and there had to be some disqualified viewers.

And the fashion show started. First, second, third appearance of the top models on stage dressed in COFFEECELL clothes. Long minutes of wait before the results were announced couldn't be filled in even by our professional presenters Stanislav Skonechny and Igor Lantratov.

All this time, Joan Brent was checking the protocols of her assistants, and methodically without any pity crossing out those viewers who broke the rules of the pageant. It was funny for us, who witnessed the scoring procedure, to read some reviews on the social media that we bribed the representative and there was no way to gather so many people in just one year.

These comments show that their authors either are mentally unstable, or don't understand how the world-famous brand Guiness World Records worth billions of pounds operates. Its value is determined by the fact that "The Book of records" can't be bribed, i.e. by their reputation. For The Book it's not important if they noted our record or not - only objective criteria of counting and assessment. But for us, who gathered in that hall, it was very important and every minute seemed last one hour.

And finally, Joan Brent objective and fair like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher put together, while elegant like an English lady appeared on stage. Long list of disqualified viewers (even though we asked people to follow the rules it didn't help), and, at last, the result was announced: 1012 present during the Fashion week. It's a record! Fireworks, happiness and the hall roaring with applause.

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