June 13, 2019

Freedom Group makes a laudable appearance at SPIEF-2019

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum had completed its work. About ten thousand people attended and participated in the event. Our company was represented by President Narek Sirakanyan. Along with other businessmen, he participated in the discussion entitled “Digital transformation - the demise of the old world?”. The discussion focused on the prospects of blockchain technology.

The head of the company held numerous meetings with representatives of the business community and government authorities within the framework of SPIEF-2019. N. Sirakanyan shared his secrets of successful project management. Under his leadership, the work in Freedom Group is underway in 48 different
directions, including:

  • network marketing;
  • dietary supplements sales;
  • online trading solutions.

Freedom Group makes a laudable appearance at SPIEF-2019

Narek remarked that entering the international arena with projects from Russia is not easy, but he has been successful.

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