The Cyber Legacy

To win today
means to win tomorrow

The Cyber Legacy

To win today
means to win tomorrow

Probably the dream of any father, and it certainly is mine,
is for their son to go to Harvard.

I, myself, studied at this university, I have a big international business, and, using my experience, I figured out the details of properly adapting to another country, of writing an ideal resume, of preparing for exams, and of creating a cover letter - and I’m convinced that all this is not enough for Harvard.
For my son Danny to be accepted to Harvard, I needed to find something unusual and totally extraordinary.

Simple activities, such as soccer, track and field, or other hobbies are on the resumes of all applicants. At Harvard, they’ve read it all a thousand times. Hobbies don’t work well, to “score” and be accepted using sports you need to at least win the world championship.

So I thought about esports.

It certainly is an innovative, trending direction. The future is behind it and that’s why it already has billions invested in it. Esports is being considered by the IOC as a candidate to be included in the Olympics program.

Russia was the first country in the world to recognize esports as an official sports discipline.

It looked like the ideal “niche”. If Danny started training at the very young age of 6 years old, then the possibility of winning big tournaments and increasing his chances of being accepted could undoubtedly increase.

Additionally, esports develops other useful skills: decision-making speed, team interaction, technological mentality and leadership.

So I created a team for my son to develop under the direction of true professionals, to grow as an athlete does next to the best coaches and players.

Since all sports involve strain, I was, of course, worried about the health of my child. And not being capable of worrying passively, in parallel with the development of the Cyber Legacy team, I began to launch products that support the health of esports athletes. While other teams create branded keyboards, cupholders and hoodies, I prefer to invest in products that are completely natural, good for eyes, energy and healthy sleep and are exclusively made in France.
We’ve already agreed with my son that 60% of what he wins in the future (and he, for sure, will win the world championship, I believe this!), Danny will give to charitable causes. For example, he could invest it in the Foundation which we also created for everyone’s future to be right and bright.

That’s why we say - winning today means winning tomorrow

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