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A fast-growing international brand producing vitamin-mineral complexes, anti-aging cosmetics, smart foods and health accessories.
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Project V is dietary supplements, anti-age cosmetics and other natural products promoting health and extending active longevity. Our plant in France is certified according to international GMP, ISO 22000, HACCP standards and is in the top 10 of the European pharmaceutical industry.

Project V is the result of Freedom International Group's rebranding of Vision International Group, one of France's oldest producers of dietary supplements (est. in 1996). Starting in 2017, Freedom Group has invested $20 million in the comprehensive modernization and scaling of the new brand. By 2021, Freedom Group took it to an annual turnover of $100 million.

We currently offer more than 40 products from the popular Classic Hit, Direct Hit, Junior Hit and Beauty Hit product lines. Project V is represented in 17 countries, including Russia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, as well as Austria and other EU countries, where we've opened branded stores. In 2022, Singapore will become a new country on the Project V map.


Project V helps our clients boost their health and extend active longevity. Our innovative rewards program allows clients to earn money, while taking their lifestyle to the next level with the variety of events and trips that the company organizes for them. This provides a beautiful chance for each client to change their life for the better.
25 countries
Where we are present
$150 million
In annual turnover
100 products
In innovative line
50 countries
Where we are present
$300 million
In annual turnover
150 products
In innovative line
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