Dietary supplements

A fast-growing international brand producing vitamin-mineral complexes, anti-aging cosmetics, smart foods and health accessories.
Project manager
Natalia Raspopova
Founding date
1996 year

About us

Project V was established in 2017, when Freedom International Group acquired Vision, one of the oldest Russian manufacturers of dietary supplements. In 2020, its turnover exceeded $100 million. Today, Project V is present in 17 countries. Some of the key ones being Russia, the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Austria and other European countries.


Everyone who comes to know Project V gets a new opportunity, a chance to make the world around them a better place. To stop working for someone else, to build their own business, to feel successful. A chance to improve their health, have a stable source of income, travel the world and be in touch with friends.
25 countries
Where we are present
$150 million
In annual turnover
100 products
In innovative line
50 countries
Where we are present
$300 million
In annual turnover
150 products
In innovative line
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