11 tháng 10, 2021

Cyber Legacy to host a charity tournament to help children with cancer

On October 12 and 13, a charity FORTNITE tournament will be held in Russia. Professional players from the Cyber Legacy club will participate, as will bloggers and streamers. The tournament will be held online on CL content-maker “Hurma”’s channel: twitch.tv/hurma. The goal of the tournament is to attract the eSports’ community’s attention to the importance of charity events.

Both days, there will be a daily 7:30pm competition broadcast on “Hurma”’s Twitch-channel, with spectators able to not only watch the cyber athletes' games, but also to have a chance to help children diagnosed with cancer by donating any amount. CL content-maker Dmitriy “Hurma” Geynts, an eSport analyst and invited bloggers will cover the event live from a specially-equipped studio.

The money raised during the tournament will go towards acquiring brain shunts for emergency surgery during a child's proton therapy, and for other necessities for the treatment of cancer.

Cyber Legacy to host a charity tournament to help children with cancer

“For Cyber Legacy, organizing this kind of event is about making a contribution to the development of the social component of society. We are not indifferent to people’s fate. Using all available means, we are ready to educate our audience on the opportunity to help people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation," said Cyber Legacy CEO Vladislav Grechkin, commenting the forthcoming tournament.

In preparation for the charity tournament, Cyber Legacy’s cyber athletes visited the MIBS Proton Therapy Center. On September 15, Dmitriy “Hurma” Geynts, Aleksandr “Fury Legendary” Svistunov and Daniil “Putrick” Abdrakhmanov held an unforgettable event for the young patients at the Center. They were also interested in seeing and had the chance to see the Center’s premises and the modern medical equipment there.

The charity tournament is organized by the Cyber Legacy eSports team and The Sergei Berezin Charitable Foundation for Cancer Patients, supported by the “Guide Store” online Fortnite learning platform, international investment company Freedom International Group, health and beauty brand Project V and ginseng food brand COFFEECELL.


The Sergei Berezin Charitable Foundation for Cancer Patients was founded in St. Petersburg in 2019. The charity was established by the All-Russian youth public organization "MIR" and the Medical Institute named after Sergei Berezin. The Foundation raises charitable funds to be donated to cancer patients in need of high-tech medical care (proton therapy), as well as the necessary medicines, medical equipment and other types of assistance for treatment, including donated blood.

Cyber Legacy (CL) is a Russian eSports club founded in 2019. Part of Freedom International Group's ecosystem. The company is represented in Europe and the CIS. Has a strong Fortnite roster.

Fortnite is an online computer game developed by Epic Games. Its players team up to fend off groups of enemies with weapons and buildings. It is one of the most popular games in the world: in March 2019, the number of players reached 250 million according to gamesradar+.

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