4 tháng 11, 2021

Interview with the head of the Sessia project

Sessia is a project for the design and development of integrated IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We create multifunctional mobile platforms that enable companies to work independently with customers, launch e-commerce, set up loyalty programs, organize logistical management, and maintain records and reports online.

We recently conducted a short interview with the head of the Sessia project – Vladislav Serdyuk. During the interview we talked about the importance of the product, its uniqueness and what the plans are for the development of this project.

Interview with the head of the Sessia project

Good afternoon, Vladislav! Let’s begin with the most important thing – what is Sessia?
Hello! It's a project for the design and development of a multifunctional modular IT system. It's an IT product that integrates ready-made modules with flexible settings. But above all, it's an experienced developmental team and professionals in their field.

Who usually uses your IT product: which businesses is Sessia intended for?
Ready-made Sessia modules are universal and can be used by businesses operating in almost any field. These are professional, ready-made tools for organizing business processes, sales, and interactions with customers.

Why is this product gaining momentum? How are you promoting it?
Because before releasing it into foreign markets, we worked out the processes on the company's internal projects. We have improved our product and modules to perfection. And now we are ready to provide the market with our best solutions. As for advertising and promotion, I believe that the best promotion for the project is positive feedback from customers and users. Also in 2022, we plan on taking part in a number of IT conferences and events to further promote our products.

What is unique about this product?
Unified integration of universal CRM modules, loyalty systems, supply and warehouse management systems, and the content management system in the mobile application. Likewise, ready-made modules in the mobile application with the ability to quickly integrate.

How many years has the Sessia project been around?
The Sessia project has existed since 2016, and was originally conceived as a multifunctional super-app for internal projects and their users. But having gradually developed many tools, we have grown to the level where we are able to share our experience with other customers and partners.

What are the plans for the development of the project?
Next year, our plans are to create new and interesting mobile applications, launch a booking/reservation service and a sales and promotion designer, as well as many other features and modules.

How many businesses are currently managed by Sessia?
Currently, several dozen companies and projects are connected to and integrated with Sessia.

What can you say about the IT industry as a whole? Has it already experienced its peak in popularity or is everything still ahead for it?
I think that the digitalization of various spheres and industries will continue. And when the quantitative saturation point is reached, we will see the industry reorientate itself to high-quality individual solutions. Because high-quality IT solutions will determine the competitiveness of businesses and services, and the ability to attract users and customers. I think that with the change of generations, the peak of the popularity of the IT industry will only grow.

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